The vPrompt Old Age Home is an extension of the vPrompt Foundation which in turn is supported by vPrompt
eServices. This home was not envisioned as a commercial enterprise, but rather as a service we could provide to
senior and elderly citizens throughout India. Our goal is to provide a basic standard of living to these people,
especially those who have been neglected or abandoned by family or society.

Our elders – parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends – should be treated with care and respect as they
continue to age. However, current financial demands on younger families often make it impossible for them to
assume these responsibilities.

The vPrompt Old Age Home was founded in response to this dilemma. Our service-oriented programs cater to the
ongoing needs of our senior citizens while at the same time helping to ease the financial burden faced by the younger
generation by sharing this responsibility.

Ameet Chauhaan -President
Ajay Srivastava -Secretary
Anuradha Chauhaan -Treasurer
Preeti Srivastava -Joint Secretary

The vPrompt Old Age Home was established in 2014 as part of the vPrompt Foundation, and is powered and supported by vPrompt eServices.Its goal is to support the elderly abandoned by family and society and enrich their lives.

The Old Age Home opened in Hyderabad and soon will expand its activities
to other states throughout India.

The vPrompt Old Age Home was established by

Ameet Chauhaan, President
Anuradha Chauhaan, Treasurer
Ajay Srivastava, Secretary
Preeti Srivastava, Joint Secretary